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Starting from September 10th, Tuscan wine producers can apply for regional funding for the promotion of their wines in third markets, that is markets outside the European community. These grants relate to the 2018-2019 wine-production campaign.

This is a vital opportunity for Tuscan wine producers to strengthen their designations and consolidate their brands on the market.
An amount of about 11.5 million euros from European funds
is assigned in support of Tuscan wine exports, as part of the so-called “Ocm Vino” (Common organisation of the wine sector market).

The public call, promoted by the Regione Toscana and financed by community resources, assigns grants for the development of marketing campaigns dedicated to Tuscan wines in foreign markets outside the European Union.

Applications must be submitted exclusively online, subject to the issue of adequate access credentials, on the IT system of Sviluppo Toscana from 9am of September 10th and no later than 1pm on October 8th, with the procedures provided for in the management decree (decreto dirigenziale) n. 13718 of 3/09/2018 currently being published on Burt n. 37 of 12/09/2018, part III.