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More than 20 million euros to support the wine sector.

The Tuscany Region provides its wine entrepreneurs with European resources destined both to modernize the cellars, through investments for the redevelopment of the product processing and storage facilities (9 million), and to actions and campaigns for the promotion of Tuscan wine in the world (over 11 million).

The Region’s action for the renewal of the “Tuscan vineyard” also continues, through the settlement of the balances of the aid relating to the previous years, relating above all to the restructuring and conversion of the areas under vines.


The call, approved by Artea (Tuscan regional agency for disbursements in agriculture) on 4 July, has a total value of 9 million euros and selects projects aimed at strengthening the equipment of the company cellars and to improve the overall performance of the transforming companies of grapes, to adapt to market demand and achieve greater competitiveness.

In particular, investments for machinery, systems and equipment (including software) directly or indirectly linked to the processing of wine grapes, bottling, conservation and storage of wine will be eligible for financing; instrumentation for the analysis of the physical / chemical parameters of the processed products and for monitoring the hygienic-sanitary and nutritional quality of the products; technical and design costs.


Applications must be submitted on the Artea platform from 1 August to 15 November 2022. The funding ranking will be issued no later than 1 December 2022. Grants will be paid by 15 October 2023.

The loan will be equal to 40% of the expenditure actually incurred (excluding VAT) for micro, small or medium-sized enterprises; equal to 20% for intermediate companies (less than 750 employees or annual turnover of less than 200 million euros); equal to 19% if applying for a large company (with more than 750 employees or annual turnover exceeding 200 million euros). The minimum amount of eligible expenditure for each application is € 12,500, the maximum amount is € 250,000, regardless of the total amount of the project submitted.

The call provides for a series of bonuses, with a higher score attributed, for example, to investments with positive effects in terms of energy saving and environmental sustainability, to businesses run by young farmers (aged between 18 and 40), to businesses located in areas considered ‘disadvantaged’, or in areas with high landscape value or falling within land confiscated from organized crime.


The companies in the wine sector interested in making Tuscan wine known and promoted in non-European countries will have time from 9 am on Friday 8 July to 1 pm on Thursday 11 August 2022 to submit an application relating to the “Measure of the promotion of wine on the markets of third parties “, also included in the national support program for the wine sector and provided for by the Common Market Organization (CMO).

The tender has a total value of 11.351 million euros, of which approximately 3 million primarily intended for the payment of the balances of the projects relating to the previous campaigns.

Interested companies will be able to present their own promotion project and request up to 50% of the costs incurred.

The contribution cannot be combined with other public aid, but the same person may participate in several projects, as long as they are aimed at third countries or markets of different third countries. Applications must be sent to the Tuscany Region through the Sviluppo Toscana S.p.A. website.


Professional and interprofessional organizations, wine producer organizations or their associations of wine producer organizations, protection consortia, single or associated producer companies, public entities with proven experience in the wine sector and the promotion of agricultural products (with the exception of administrations such as Regions, Autonomous Provinces and Municipalities), associations (including temporary) of companies, consortia, federations and cooperatives and business networks.

The maximum public contribution limit for each project cannot exceed 600,000 euros, the minimum contribution cannot be less than 60,000 for projects intended for a single country and 20,000 per country if the project is intended for two or more realities. Lower limits are envisaged if the project is aimed at emerging countries. The projects must start on January 1, 2023 and end by June 30, 2023 (or by October 15, 2023 if you choose the advance formula).

Actions in the fields of public relations, promotion and advertising which highlight the high standards of Union products, in particular in terms of quality, food safety or the environment, will be eligible for funding; participation in events, fairs and exhibitions of international importance; information campaigns (in particular on systems of designations of origin, geographical indications and organic production); studies to evaluate the results of the information and promotion actions undertaken.