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“E’ Tipico” (“It’s Traditional”) tells the story and shows the authenticity of local food producers. Bakers, pastry chefs, butchers, artisans of good taste and guardians of a treasured culinary tradition.

Modern day skilled artisans reveal their secrets and the recipes that keep the Tuscan peasant and agricultural culture alive.

With this project the Municipality of Tavarnelle aims at promoting and enhancing the image of Chianti “on the table”. With a local and an online marketing campaign that involves professionals that operate in the agri-food sector.

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The “E ‘Tipico” project, translated for foreign visitors and foodies as “It’s traditional”, is inspired by the values of sustainable living, and the cultural and tourist resources of the Chianti food and wine tradition.

“One of the ways to discover the essence of our territory is the uniqueness of the gastronomic culture. – says the deputy Mayor Davide Venturini – We want to present to the public all the aromas and flavours of our food, especially the many tourists who choose our hills as a sustainable and slow-travel destination for their holidays. Every speciality contains the history and memory of a local family, the sacrifices and successes of culinary skills made in Tavarnelle. Experiencing the Chianti through its food is a great opportunity for everybody”.

“E ‘Tipico” is a journey (the second part is already in the pipeline) that pokes around ovens, fridges and counters of the shops of Tavarnelle and its surroundings.

The sweet pan di ramerino speaks of devotion, the Florentine schiacciata shows off a lily made of cocoa on top, while we find ancient and modern experience in the making of Tuscan sausages.

Then we have the Tuscan unsalted bread, and a range of traditional cured meat: the beloved Chianti ham, the seasoned lonzino that calls for hospitality, the genuine and mouthwatering Salame Toscano.

We learn about folk wisdom and anti-waste values in the Mezzone, and about family memories in the Schiacciata con l’Uva. We enjoy the almond-based cantuccini from Tavarnelle, made to be shared with friends, and the proud Sienese panforte.

Deputy mayor of Tavarnelle Davide Venturini

“In this first phase we have tried to create an online route through the flavours of the Chianti, a mini-guide to the local excellences, from bread making to sausages and cured meat – continues the deputy mayor – our project has opened a new dialogue with the local food producers”.

The Municipality, in collaboration with the ComuniChianti publishing company, has produced a double-language card, in Italian and English, for each product, which describes the recipe and those who produce it.

“Listening to their stories and inherited wisdom – continues Venturini – we’ve discovered that this unique gastronomic tradition is born out of a great passion and a strong link with the territory. It also relies on the skills of the artisans who carry on the culinary heritage and transmit its values to new generations”.

The participants in this first part of the “E ‘Tipico” project are: the bakers of Il Borghetto, Ciappi and Chellini, Rossetti, Panti, Fratelli Biliotti, the butcher shops Francini, Parti, Consortini, Morandi Carlo and Morandi Morando, and the pastry shops Bagnoli, La Golosa and pasticceria Fiorentina. We’ll also talk about them in a series of articles on WeChianti.

“These pages about the Chianti tradition – concludes the deputy mayor – that we’ve written with the food artisans who produce cured meats and bakery products, make an ebook that will be delivered to all local accommodation facilities, the Proloco, and our tour operator Itur. All shops that have taken part in this project will receive the cards and will also be given a sticker to show they are part of this project”.

The municipal administration is already working on the second act of this project that sees the involvement of agricultural producers to promote local honey and cheese.

The publicity material will be available online, on the Municipality web sites and the network of the Chianti Info Points and on the institutional social media channels. You can download it at: