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Global warming has already been affecting “Made in Italy” wines. In the last thirty years, the Chianti area has seen the alcohol percentage increase by one degree.

This is what emerges from an analysis of Coldiretti in relation to the forecasts of Luca Mercalli, president of the Società Meteorologica Italiana on the risk of desertification in Italy.

Over the next hundred years the Po Valley in northern Italy could become, like Pakistan and Sicily, a desert.

Global warming has also increasingly led to an early harvest, even a month before the traditional September deadline.

Today the proverb “Fill the kitchen in August and in September fill the cellar” is no longer true, underlines Coldiretti. And the old saying “By San Martino all grapes must become wine” has lost his meaning, since the grapes not yet harvested by 11th November have become extremely rare.

“In fact, the Italian vineyards – specifies Coldiretti – now produce more precocious grapes, less acidic and sweeter compared to the past. The higher temperatures have also changed the distribution of the vineyards in the territory. They now tend to expand upwards, with vines that grow at up to 1200 meters”.