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Borgo Casa al Vento is full of energy and dynamism. In February, in fact, the Borgo reopens with an interesting novelty.

The relaxation area, already known for its baths in wine and the chocolate, is complemented with beauty treatments and massages by Maria Barbaccia and the cosmetics line by Raffaella Prinia of Rubinia.

Chianti is increasingly a destination for wine-related tourism. It was this that inspired Francesco Gioffreda to use his Sangiovese as part of a wellness service.

Here’s how “wine-therapy” is born, a real must for those who visit this lovely village near the town of Gaiole in Chianti (Barbischio). A wine bath and a regenerating massage with a precious blend of peel and grape seeds will make your stay in Chianti truly special.

And for those who do not like wine? The solution is even sweeter: the chocolate bath, a lush and inebriating bath.

The treatments are not reserved only for guests of the Borgo, but are also open to tourists passing through and also to those who live in the area and want to try a unique experience.

For those who want to combine the care of the body and the delights of the palate, the Borgo also offers delicious cuisine.