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The Christmas holidays have just finished and there’s no point in feeling guilty about all the overindulging. This would only put us in a bad mood and spoil the festive fun.

Let’s make same good resolutions for the new year instead, and dedicate some time to taking care of ourselves.

The first step for a quick “remise en forme” is simple: a few extra hours of sleep, increasing physical activity and following a low-fat diet, avoiding sugary drinks and alcohol and drinking plenty of water.

Drinking at least two liters of water a day helps eliminate toxins, maintains an optimal hydration of our body and allows for regular functioning. Water also gives a sense of satiety and stimulates the metabolism.

If you don’t feel like drinking much water, herbal teas and infusions are an excellent alternative with their pleasant and varied taste.

Depurative and draining herbal teas are a great choice. You can buy them in the supermarket , already packaged, or loose from a herbalist shop.

Finally, we should not neglect our faces, and it would be good to devote extra attention to the eye contour that often appears “worn out” by all the celebrations.

If you are over 30 and you don’t use a specific eye contour cream, this is the time to start, and even better to add an eye contour mask once a week, to increase the hydration of this area where the skin is thinner and more delicate. These small tricks will give visible results after a few weeks.

Maria Fanfani, ESPA Manager Castello del Nero


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