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The temperatures outside are below zero, while at home and in the office the heating is on at full blast; these drastic changes in temperature put a strain on the capillaries, causing redness (that could also cause couperose).

And what about the lips? The key is to keep them always hydrated and protected. This is the month in which we celebrate Saint Valentine, and we all know very well that we need soft kissable lips, now more than ever!

We should moisturise our skin by applying a hydrating cream, twice a day – in the morning and in the evening; as well as applying cocoa butter to the lips every time we go out, to prevent them from chafing.

Exfoliating your lips is as important as hydrating them. Use a gentle lip scrub at least once a week, and apply some lip oil in the evening.

This will help to make them softer and smoother, as well as preventing unsightly wrinkles. All these simple tricks certainly won’t go unnoticed!

Maria Fanfani, Spa Manager Castello Del Nero Hotel & Spa


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