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While the holidays are coming to an end, we get ready to face the new year, focusing of body and mind wellness.

Firstly, a detox program will help us to purify our body after the unavoidable Christmas overeating, eliminating toxins and helping to decrease swelling.

We should opt for a liquid based diet, for example fresh juices: carrots, apples, lemon, lettuce, celery, spinach, radishes, kiwis and pears are excellent for revitalising the body and are a healthy “rain” of vitamins.

Having a sauna will help stimulate the blood circulation, activate the internal purification systems and toxin elimination.

We can renew our skin by deeply cleaning it with a body scrub and then taking a hot bath (if possible, add two handfuls of magnesium salts that have a purifying and anti-stress effect).

Meditation and exercise are excellent habits: walking for about an hour in nature, concentrating on our body, helps eliminate “mental” toxins, making us feel good, and more positive.

One could practice Yoga, an ancient discipline suitable for all ages.

In addition to strengthening the muscles and improving elasticity, yoga helps recover the balance between mind and body, providing physical and psychological benefits, and giving us a sense of general well-being.

Maria Fanfani, Spa Manager Castello Del Nero Hotel & Spa


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