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The Wine Producers Organisation (Unione Viticoltori) of Panzano was the first to set the “trend” (in their case with strong “bio” features) for local Chianti Classico wine producers teaming up to promote the products of a certain “terroir”.

The core of the project is “Vino al Vino” – the “Wine to Wine” September Festival which has now reached its 23st edition, with 20 local producers showcasing their wines in Piazza Bucciarelli.

This year the event runs from Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th September. Producers will present their Chianti Classico and ITG wines to the press and wine enthusiasts during this famous wine festival in this Chianti town.

It’s organised by the Unione Viticoltori of Panzano in Chianti and the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico, and sponsored by the municipality of Greve in Chianti.

Stalls will be open on Thursday 14th September (4pm-8pm), Friday 15th September (12pm-7:30pm); Saturday 16th September (11am-8pm, with live jazz from 6pm to 8pm); Sunday 17th September (11am-7:30pm – with jazz from 5:30pm to 7:30pm).

For the price of 20 Euros, you can purchase a wine glass and enjoy a quality tasting experience, accompanied by live jazz music.

The small area of Panzano, with its specific soil and climate conditions, has a mostly homogenous cultivation. The vineyards are generally located at 350 to 450 meters above sea level, with some exceptions above 500.

The terroir of Panzano, explains the Unione Viticoltori, “is a synthesis between natural elements and human intervention, between microclimate, mesoclimate and macroclimate, between the exposure of vineyards and winemaking techniques, and between cultural and geological factors.

An original and effective “melting pot of wine culture” that embraces typical features and research, tradition and innovation, past and future in a harmonious and balanced production partnership aimed at quality and the realization of great wines”.