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The Rural Festival returns after the success of the previous editions. The first  event will take place in the Parma area on September 2 and 3 to be followed by an appearance in Gaiole in Chianti on September 16 and 17.

From 10 AM to 7 PM agricultural biodiversity will be the protagonist. There will be animals of antique breeds: the black pig from Parma and around Siena; sheep from Cornwall, Massa and Garfagnana; “Bardigiano” horses, donkeys from Romagna and Amiata.

And gray cattle from the Appenines,”Baridigiana”, and white cattle from the Val Padana; turkeys from Parma and Piacenza; hens from Romagna and chickens from Valdarno; rare grapes and ancient tomatoes from Parma.

There will be an exhibition of tractors put into motion by experts in Landini and Lamborghini models produced from the 1930s to 1950s.

There will also be food and farmstands: prosciutto from black pigs, bread made with miracle grains, focaccia made from ”gentilrosso” wheat, “testaroli” from Lunigiana made with farro, polenta from Garfagnana, tomato pulp from Parma, Chianti herbs, potato pie, “borettana” onions, “zolfino” beans, donkey milk, lambrusco wine…. and much much more.