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Modern objects, clothing, toys, ceramics, old lace, gift ideas:  these are some of the items available in the first edition of “Svuota cantine” in Starda, sponsored by the Township of Gaiole in Chianti.

For two Sundays, July 23 and August 6, from 10 AM to 8 PM, the Medieval Chianti Village will become alive with stands run by residents.

Come and see the sculptures of Romano Dini along the streets of Starda, and discover the history of the town thanks to vintage photos.

Snacks and wine tasting (Malaspina wines) will be available at the Fattoria Castello di Starda.

On Sunday, August 6, at 4 PM in the Church of San Martino, Don Lorenzo Lachi  will celebrate Mass in memory of the antique celebration of Starda which, every year, gathered all of its inhabitants.

It always took place on the first Sunday of August and was known as the Festa del Santissimo Sacramento: it featured a mass, a procession, lunches and dances.

For information: 3314686387.