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Imagine a couple’s most beautiful day: immersed in nature, maybe around a splendid swimming pool or in the courtyard of a Renaissance villa, toasting to happiness and tasting the delicacies of an excellent cuisine.

Ciabatti Ricevimenti has been proposing this for years for its clients, carefully and passionately following every moment. Their professionalism and experience in this period of the year help them make precious suggestions for those thinking about that important day.

“In order to think about and organize a wedding calmly and without stress, we suggest that couples follow some steps by the end of the year,” says Stefania Ciabatti, explaining that now is the time to plan for 2018.

UX2B4154_HDR[1]“The first essentials to plan are the date, the church, the location and the catering,” she says with the conviction of years of experience. “These elements will help choose the providers”.

“Then,” she continues, “the other details will arrive: menu, clothing, flowers, etc. In order to plan a wedding in a serene manner, having clear ideas on these topics will help”.

When there are many and confusing ideas, Ciabatti Ricevimenti, with its consultation, can lend a hand in proposing proper solutions to their clients.

“We can help couples by advising them according to their needs, which can be either practical or strictly a question of taste. We can help choose the most suitable solution so that everything will be perfect and remembered with satisfaction”.

“Naturally, weddings can also be organized in a short period of time,” says Stefania, smiling. “That doesn’t mean it won’t be as nice. Starting early helps to plan things calmly, to see and choose more serenely”.

19399259_1407506332662945_4435132561827078881_n[2]The Ciabatti family are artisans. In fact, they allow you to fulfill even the most original requests, satisfying all tastes: from the traditional Tuscan menu to a personalized one, enriched by scents of far away countries, from where some of their clients come.

“For us,” Stefania concludes, “it is stimulating to get to know our clients and adapt this knowledge to the requests they make. We hope this can always be a strong point”.

The latest trends have led to giving scenographic space to some details which are built “a vista” (on the spot), like a happy hour or cooking show, rather than the cake created during the event.

All the couple has to do is to let themselves go, trusting experts who will take care of them on their most beautiful day.

Silvia Rabatti