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On Sunday, May 28, the towns of Pianella and Monteaperti will become alive with animation, music and typical flavors of the area.

“La Fiera a Pianella” will light up piazza Angelo Vassalo from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM, with food and wine and local artisanal products, uniting tradion and typicality.

“Il Mercato nel Prato”, will open at 11:30 AM in the Monteaperti park and will continue until 7 PM. It features activities for children, food and wine stands and a 0 kilometer market: from wine to olive oil, from cheese to fruits and vegetables, from desserts to ice cream, finished by panini and beer.

During the day, there will also be a play-learning initiative dedicated to children, with the workshop “Adotta una piantina” (adopt a plant). Starting at 3 PM, “Percussioni in Chianti”, a show featuring African percussion, will take place.

Children will be able to play and become familiar with typical African musical instruments. For up-dates on the event, you can follow on Facebook at ASD Tangram Montaperti.