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Anna Majewska attracted our attention for her suggestive photos of San Casciano on Facebook. We asked ourselves how a foreigner could have such a grand passion for our territory, immortalized every day from a different angle.

“I arrived in Italy from Lublino, in Poland in 1999 to find a better life and a job,” Anna tells us. “I thought I would make some money and return home. Instead, I decided to remain. I then sent for my daughters who finished school here and then went to college”.

When she arrived, Anna first lived in Sesto Fiorentino as a companion, and then came to San Casciano to care for a woman.

When the woman died, her nephew, a professor, asked Anna to stay and manage his villa in Vannina. In this way, Anna found a job that she loved which gave her economic independence. How was her passion for photography born?

“It is a passion,” she tells us, “that is born from the love of this territory, for the sun and the vivid colors of the landscape which excite me. There is nothing professional in that which I do. It is only something that allows me to be content. When I take a beautiful photo, I am happy”.

“A dear friend taught me a lot about photography, and in my free time I take pictures which I post on Instragram. I have many followers, some all over the world, also in Poland. It is my way to keep in contact with people”.

We can understand by listening to Anna that she is very happy to live in San Casciano where, she says, “everything is beautiful and the people are very nice”.

Her photos are a way of thanking this new life and her destiny. Because of this, Anna decided to ask for Italian citizenship, which required many trips to Poland to get the necessary documents.

She finally succeeded. She still keeps Poland, where her brothers live, in her heart. She gives a last thought to a great Pope, Papa Wojtyla, who introduced the Polish to our country during his long Italian stay.

“Yes,” Anna says, “Perhaps it is thanks to him that I began to love Italy. He did a lot for us Polish”

Silvia Luis