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Although they are covered, under a cloudy sky, 13 splendid Morgans shined their own light.

They are parked in line in front of the 4 star hotel and restaurant, Borgo di Cortedfreda, at Tavarnelle, for a special rally, full of passion.

Most of the public recognies the vehicle as “Lupin’s car” (an offense to Morgan fans). The auto, a British jewel, is completely made by hand, each different from the other.a perfect combination of a galvanized frame, a wooden frame with the carriage and seating in leather screwed in.

The Morgan Club Italia stayed in Cortefreda where, on Sunday, May 7, they opened up the third historic commemoration of the “Firenze-Siena” organized by the Cassiacorse stable. They followed the section of the Via Cassia which connects the two cities.

During their 3 days in Chianti, the pilots took an extraordinary tour: from Petrognano and Semifonte to Castelfalfi. They passed through Certaldo, San Gimignano, Volterra and il Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico. They also visited the  Carbon Dream in Sambuca.

“We like the event,” begins Nadia Mangiavacchi, responsible for the Borgo di Cortefreda. “It is a luxury to have all these beautiful autos in front of our hotel. Clients stop and admire them”.

“This is the second Morgan rally that we host,” continues Nadia. “The first was in October of 2014 and involved 15 cars. We hope to repeat the initiative in the future and to become a point of reference for Morgan fans”.

“The objective of the Morgan family,” intervenes the dean of MCI, Luigi Santurro, “was for the auto to be out of the ordinary but available to young people. The initial production, from 1909 to 1936, was reserved to ‘three wheelers’, which were excluded from paying a ‘purchase tax’”.

“After the crises of WWl and 1929,” says Santurro, “the English began to live better. And the British motor firm created the 4 by four wheels. It was modified in 1954, when the face became curved instead of flat. For the rest, it is the same as before”.

“Aside from being the real last sports car,” says Roberto Tondelli, Vice President of the Morgan Club Italia, the Morgan is a philosophy of life. It means to be above the lines, to be a free spirit”.

“When you enter a Morgan”, he continues with eyes shining, “worries disappear. Only she gives you the joy of a voyage without filters in direct contact with perfumes, light, and the noise of animals. These sensations are unrepeatable”.

“Borgo di Cortefreda is a beautiful structure, buth cared for and elegant,” concludes Tondelli. “Nadia tries very hard to satisfy all of her guests’ requests. We would like to give a special thanks to her and her team”.

Noemi Bartalesi