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The largest group of of foreigners arrived in stars and stripes from the USA to participate in the first edition of “Eroica Montalcino” on Sunday, May 7: from Gaiole, heart of Chianti Classico, to the Brunello paradise, Montalcino.

This is most likely to to the effect of the Eroica California which took place a few weeks ago with 1000 cyclists, strangely the same number of those who participated in the Eroica Montalcino.

Perhaps the unmitigated force of Eroica, which does not know geographic boundaries, can give thanks to its capacity to become a trend, of movement and culture, to create value and to bring joy and beauty through the fatigue of the cyclists.

These are and have always been splendiod icons of a period that looks at the past to show youth the way to the future. In addition to Americans and Canadians, participants came from all over Italy and Europe.

The consensus was unanimous at the finish line: “Magnificent landscape and extraordinary hospitality in the entire area”.

This is the final result of a wonderful day of sport, flavors, perfumes and colors of a magnificent territory, for the most part protected by Unesco and the International Community.

“We are very satisfied about the happiness of the Eroica Montalcino participants,” declares Franco Rossi, responsible for the organization of the event. “Thanks to all those who moved at every level to give hospitality to those who arrived in Montalcino for the first edition of Eroica”.

Giancarlo Brocci, creator of the race, is happy because he sees an overwhelming growth in his movement, which is embracing all of cycling. Ten days ago “Toscana Terre di Ciclismo” took place for the Under 23 with the success of the Australian Jai Hindley. It was followed by “Nova Eroica” and today by “Eroica Montalcino.

Brocci is always ready with his suitase in hand. “Next Sunday, the Eroica Japan will be run,” declares Brocci, “and we are approaching 500 participants. An enormous success. In just a few years, Aki Nakazawa has created much interest in Japan for the values of Eroica. We are very proud of this. Eroica continues to grow everywhere and in all fields”.