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Three days of street food in the gardens of Piazza della Republica (il Piazzone) in San Casciano have been confirmed.

Over the years, this has become an awaited event for locals and tourists who love to eat outdoors.

This year, coupled with the event “Capodanno Sancascianese”, the celebration dedicated to street food will return to delight our palates. The dates are Firday, June 9 and Sunday, June 11.

Thanks to the organization of the Pro Loco of San Casciano, together with the cultural association of Street Food and the super-tasting of Chianti Classico paired to the offerings, you will be able to taste food from all over Italy and the world in the gardens of San Casciano, where celebrations have taken place since the 1980’s.

This is a pleasure for San Casciano residents, but also for tourists, who will be able to enjoy a hamburger, a “sfincione” from Sicily, bread and “panelle”, assorted fried foods, and Argentinian meat, under the watchful eye of the “Cervo” (deer) statue by Mario Merz, located along the Medieval walls of the town.


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