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Some habits die hard. Especially when it comes to Tuscan sweet treats.

In recent days, the decision of the Rocca di Montegrossi winery, in Gaiole in Chianti, has caused havoc by adding a label to their delicious Vinsanto sweet wine that says “no biscuit dipping”.

Any Vinsanto producer, who puts all his passion and efforts to make this precious Tuscan dessert wine, has a clear idea of how it should be served.

Certainly not by dipping cantuccini biscuits in it, and leaving crumbs floating in the wine.

In the meantime Rocca di Montegrossi, with their controversial label, has started a lively debate and obtained great media exposure.

At WeChianti we followed the stream, and did a survey on our Facebook page, asking our readers if they like to dip cantuccini biscuits in Vinsanto or not.

One hundred people answered: 79% are in favour of the ‘cantuccini and vinsanto’ match; only 21% don’t follow this tradition.

We have to agree that when you sip a “true” Vinsanto, aged for many years, with its inebriating aromas and nuances, it’s a real crime to dip a cantuccino in it.

But of course…  everyone’s free to decide for themselves!