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The collaboration between two of the most celebrated wine denominations in the world, Chianti Classico and Champagne, is becoming closer.

Representatives of the consortium of Chianti Classico wine and the “Comitè Champagne” met at the Palazzo Vecchio gala, with the participation of the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, and the mayor of Reims, Arnaud Robinet, in addition to some of the most important reference figures of the Gallo Nero universe and the French “Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne”.

For the occasion, president of consortium Sergio Zingarelli received the honor of “Officier d’Honneur”.

“With different histories and products, but with common honor and duty to represent and protest two pillars of the wine world,” declared the president of the consortium, Sergio Zingarelli, “we have given life to an agreement that provides the sharing of our experiences in the management of our respective governances, in matters regarding the legal protection of the two denominations in extra-UE countries, as well as in tourist development and valorization of our heritage and continually more open sharing of oenological and viticultural matters”.

“It is a collaboration that will enrich both sides on a human level even more than on a professional level,” added Zingarelli.

Announced in September 2016, on occasion of celebrations for the 300th anniversary of the denomination of Chianti Classico, the collaboration agreement between Gallo Nero and Champagne was formalized last December with the signing of the pertinent document in Reims. Florence is now returning the hospitality by opening the city to its cousins from France.

“In the history of their success,” concluded Zingarelli, the viticulturists of Champagne have demonstrated the far-reaching capacity to efficiently govern their own growth. That is why Champagne represents a model for us. The collaboration between Chianti Classico and champagne is an added step in the view of growing and developing a spirit of collaboration between the two nations, in addition to the two cities,in the heart of Europe”.