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Farms await “Premi Pac” and “Psr 2017” financing as important support and a fresh breath of air.

The presentation phase of the applications began over the last few days. The relative requests regarding surfaces and number of animals can be presented at Artea (the agricultural pay agency).

The Pac awards intervention is by the European Community (Politica Comune Europea) and involves approximately 38,000 agricultural businesses in Tuscany for a combined amount of more than €160 million.

The money will be distributed in several phases according to precise articulation defined by the UE regulation 2013/1307 l. It begins with the base payment, remuneration calculated on the base of the agricultural area covered admissible for that segment (arable, meadows and permanent crops).

It continues with “greening”, which is remuneration of agricultural practices beneficial to the climate and environment according to the supported businesses.

There is financing for new farmers, through access to the “Riserva Nazionale Titoli”, and integration of an award in the case of the presence of young farmers in the company (under the age of 40).

Finally there are specific supports, called “accoppiati” (coupled), for measures inherent to the area of zootechnics (cattle, sheep and goats), durham wheat, protein and protein crops, rice, sugar beets, industrial tomatoes, and olive oil (for areas recorded with IGP and DOP denominations.)

Simultaneously to the Pac financing, the compilation of requests for payment by the “Programma di Sviluppo Rurale” (program for rural development) is open regarding companies with agro-environmental commitments (organic agriculture, integrated agriculture, and endangered breeds.)

These are financed through measures 214a and 214b1 of the programming for 2007-2013 and the new measure 11 and 10.1.4 of the programming for 2014 to 2020. Circa 5,000 entities are involved in Tuscany. Requests must be presented by May 15, 2017.