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He announced it with an official note: “I am sorry to announce that I am forced to recourse to judicial process against RCS Sport. I have given the case to a serious professional studio which also follows sports, to obtain what I believe I am owned”.

Giancarlo Brocci, creator of L’Eroica, thus claims ownership of what is considered “l’Eroica per professionisti.” It is organized by RCS Sport and goes by the name of “Strade Bianche”.


Giancarlo Brocci

Brocci is clear: “The original idea and relative project belong to me. At the time, on a mandate by the then-President of the Tuscan region, Claudio Martini, I presented the itinerary of the professional race along the roads of the Eroica, which became the Montepaschi Eroica, because the region involved the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Bank”.

“The race was run on Tuesday, October 9, 2007, in corollary with the “Eroica del 7”, and left from Gaiole in Chianti. It was presented for what it was and today it has become a race on a national level. It assumed the name, “Strade Bianche”, for its third addition, when the victory of Cancellara in the second race had already foreseen future glory”.

“At the time (2012),” says Brocci, “I contributed in first person to save the race when it had already been removed from the program of RCS Sport for the lack of a sponsor”.

This may seem the classic battle between David and Goliath. But Brocci wants to follow it to the end: “I tried in many ways to find a dignified solution for me” he remarks, “for Gaiole in Chianti, at the time excluded as a starting point, and for the “Eroica”, to which we owe the valorization and the consequential protection of our unpaved roads, as well as for the permanent route, important to returning cyclo-tourism for the entire territory. The attempted new partnership in 2015 was not successful; on the other hand, we met with incomprehensible ostracism regarding the origins and passion which generated this great race, which is today part of the undisputed heritage of the Siena territory and a great TV show sold in the entire world”.

“There is nothing left for me to do,” he concludes bitterly, “but to get involved with judicial proceedings. Please note that anything that evolves from this action will be destined to the promotion of healthy and happy cycling for youth”.

Matteo Pucci