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In the Year of the Fire Rooster, Chianti Classico returns to China to promote Gallo Nero wines in a continually expanding market, the Far East.

China is still a relatively young market, but is growing quickly, and today purchases 2% of Chianti Classico wines (as of 2016). To consolidate the brand and promote it further, the Consorzio has undertaken to register the brand names with the appropriate Chinese authorities.

At the beginning of 2016 the words Gallo Nero were transcribed in ideograms, so as to appear beside the words Chianti Classico in Latin characters: 黑公鸡.


Within the year, the registration process for these two words (Chianti Classico), should also be complete so that it will be possible to use the whole verbal brand name in Chinese.

This will facilitate diffusion of the brand in a geographically and culturally distant country like China. The producers will be able to present their wines using the ideograms which clearly identify them as belonging to Gallo Nero, while consumers will be able to recognize them as Chianti Classico, synonymous with quality, thanks to the use of their own language.

“According to Chinese astrology, this will be an auspicious year, under the sign of the Fire Rooster.  The Rooster is an important symbol which announces the beginning of a new day. We hope that this year will mark the beginning of a new experience in China for Chianti Classico” says Chairman Sergio Zingarelli.

“For our part – concludes Zingarelli – we guarantee our full commitment, and tenacity is a quality the Chinese attribute to this zodiac sign. The Chinese market has incredible potential, and interest in Italian wine is increasing. We will therefore be sure to take one the of the most beautiful symbols of Made in Italy to the East – Black Rooster wines”.