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“Orti sociali” (community gardens), are showing up in San Casciano and Tavarnelle  as part of the regional project, “Centomila orti per la Toscana” (100,000 vegetable gardens for Tuscany).

Chianti is betting on “green” and on “slow life”.  Citizens will benefit by being assigned a piece of land to cultivate. In San Casciano, the gardens will grow behind the Chisci parking lot, near the Clarisse convent.

There will be a grand urban garden, projected by the town of San Casciano. The plan calls for the creation of gardens, characterized by an area of 1200 m² which citizens will be able to manage, with 50 m² apiece. The sections will be fenced in and attainable through a network of walkways and driveways.

In Tavarnelle, with an investment of €40,000 for the project and where the plan is for  management by the under 40, there is a section made available in an area situated in the capital, in via Don Minzoni, next to the residential complex in via Aldo Moro.

The realization of the project will allow the requalification of an area which is not used within the urban context today.

The area covers approximately 600 m². The project includes the realization of vegetable gardens with the dimensions of 35 to 40 m² each accompanied by gravel walks.

Common space of approximately 40 m², will be reserved for production waste, which can be used in the cultivation of the natural gardens. Small buildings will be used to hold the tools.

There will be a space dedicated to recreation and socialization, containing a gazebo, furnishings and structures for restoration including containers for recycling. For the water supply, an irrigation well will be created.

It will serve a storage area containing tubes connected to each vegetable garden.

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