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“We have to save herds of cattle and flocks of sheep from a real massacre, amidst general indifference. They are causing the depopulation of the mountains where approimately 1/3 of the farms have closed over the last 10 years”.

This is what the Coldiretti confirms in reference to the “Piano Lupo” (Wolf Plan), presented by the Minister for the Environment, Gianluca Galletti.

He received the validation from 70 scientists and free technical reign, voted on unanimously by the State Conference of regions. The announcement was voted upon unanimously by the Presidents of the Regions upon request of the President of the Conference of Regions, Stefano Bonaccini.

“From the Regions,”, underlines Coldiretti, “we are waiting for the same responsability in defense of the sheepherders and cattle raisers, for who courageously continues to watch over the mountains and guarantees the beauty of the countryside. We cannot leave sheep and cattle die and cause thousands of families who have been populating the mountains for generations to leave. There are also many young people who, with hardships, have returned to reawaken lost biodiversity by recuperating historic italian breeds”.

“Without grazing land,” sustains Coldiretti, “the mountains will die, the environment will downgrade and landslides and floods will threaten the cities. We hope that the positive energy that his come together on this occasion will translate into a concrete effort to protect a common good, with public support for the system of defense which has been appropriated and rapid and sufficient refund for damages, without any ifs, ands, or buts”.

“To the citizens,” they remark, “we offer the possibility of concrete participation with the support of the project, Ami i lupi, adotta un pastore (Love the wolves, adopt a shepherd) by contributing to the Coldiretti crowdfunding campaign, on the site,, in order to give help through a new and different formula to those who continue to raise sheep and cattle by living in the mountains and hills every day and, therefore, find themselves with a constant and growing presence of wolves”.

“In Tuscany alone,” concludes Coldiretti, “over the arc of two years, 750 farms found thousands of sheep, cattle and horses killed by wolves”.