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A challenge between the requalification of one of the most beautiful towns of Chianti Classico, Montefioralle, and the destination of the proceeds of tourist activities to the Southern part of the world… .

There are new tourist opportunities in Montefioralle. For the first time, visitors will be able to stay in the antique tower in an effort to help the southern part of the world. It is a new way to discover and relive the Middle Ages for youngsters, wayfarers, families and whoever is looking for an unusual way to travel in the Chianti territory.

The objective is to lend a hand to cultures and peoples in difficulty. In the Village of Greve, visited by tourists from all over


In the Village of Greve, visited by tourists from all over the world, the first B&B “solidale”,  staffed exclusively by volunteers, is being created. The project, realized thanks to financing by the Ente Cassa di Risparmio for the amount of €100,000, is promoted by the Church of Santo Stefano in collaboration with the Township of Greve in Chianti.

It includes the restoration of the tower and the adjacent apartment, located between the church and the rectory, both which will become accommodations and reception areas. Some of the volunteers of the Mato Grosso Association of Brescia are working on the project.



Don Flavio Rossetti

“There will be 20 beds available, distributed among eight rooms, six for the B&B and two for a small hostel.  The village of Montefioralle is part of a cultural and social operation created thanks to the sensitivity of the Ente Cassa”, says the priest, don Flavio Rossetti.

“This new space belongs to the community and will offer double resources to the territory: on one hand is the touristic appeal of the castle among the most treasured nationally from the historic and architectonic point of view. On the other is the opening of a bed-and-breakfast with the object of sustaining solidarity projects, a mission going on for years in support of Latin American countries and conducted by Don Luca Bergamaschi”.



Paolo Sottani

“From the 10 meter tall tower, in the highest part of Montefioralle”, comments the mayor, Paolo Sottani, “which looks over some of the most typical landscapes of Tuscany (Le Fornaci, San Cresci, Montegonzi up to Monte San Michele and the roofs of Chianti) our area will be enriched with another reason to attract visitors and invite them to stop among our hills”.

“The project is courageous and worthy because it combines solidarity, tourism and medieval architecture. It offers volunteers an important experience in a human and professional sense, and reenforces the value of the complex requalification efforts that the Township is conducting thanks to the support of the Ente Cassa”.

Promoted by the Sottani administration, the intervention is tied to the recuperation and development of the village for an investment of around €400,000. It is financed also thanks for the contribution of the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze and proposes the requalification of various aspects of the castle starting with its walls.

“After the first series of works completed a few years ago,” continues Mayor Sottani, “the operation was aimed at redoing the walls from the steps that lead to the church of Santo Stefano as well as the pavement of some segments of the streets of the village, using materials which conform to the architecture of the historical complex”.

The restructured space of the B&B will allow the community the use of common and and multi-functional areas, including a kitchen, a dining room and external space for social activities . Volunteers interested in running the B&B will have access to a mini apartment next to the church .

The B&B will open some time during the summer of 2017. Contact for information.