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“Bazart” opened it to doors on Saturday, December 3, symbol of creative feminine energy. The market, oganized by the Friends Association of Panzano, features six women who express themselves in their art. The market will run until December 24.

Valeria Franceschini is momentarily in Panzano, but lives in London after having spent a long period in Spain. She is a seamstress who creates handbags and various types of clothing using exclusively recycled fabrics; Japanese silks and cashmere, blankets, towels, pillow covers, antique rugs and fabrics, which she recuperates after a meticulous research.

Vera Montagni offers some of her designs but focuses mainly on the fruits of her passion, working with wood, particularly the olive tree.

Deborah Ventavoli creates refined jewelry, also personalized, with macramé and semi precious stones. In addition to jewels, she creates hand stitched collectible bookmarks made with paint, water colors and coffee.

Roberta Benini will also be on hand to create instant henna tattoos. You can get tattoos on your hands, feet or other parts of the body and Roberta will explain the spiritual significance according to your choice of tattoo.

We then have the ceramics of Marta Minhambres, a Spanish woman who lives in Montagliari, between Panzano and Greve. She creates dishes, trays, pictures and cups with “terraglia forte” from Montelupo. All of the objects are white with small decorations of insects, birds, mammals and plants.

Sophie Rose is exhibiting work from her personal itinerary of artistic change, “Cercando Sophrosyne.” The paintings can be turned around and look at in different ways according to which you like better or gives you more emotion.

“Bazart” is also dedicating a corner of the market to Women in Hebron, an embroidery cooperative made up of 108 women in the District of Hebron in Palestine who Valeria Franceschini met on a trip. The Women of Hebron embroider at home; they sew clothing, shawls and other objects. Their motto is: “men can do something, women can do everything”.

Thanks to an agreement among a group of women, some of their work will available and all of the proceeds will be sent to Women in Hebron. This is a different type of Christmas market, all feminine, with unique artisanal and artistic creations. You can visit the market in Piazza Bucciarelli in Panzano. It will be open every day until December 24, from noon until 6 PM/.

Daniela Doddoli