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The Dop of Prosciutto Toscano is 20 years old, and the Consortium is celebrating in grand style. On Wednesday, December 7, the convention, “Prosciutto Toscano; 20 anni DOP”, took place in Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati, seat of the Tuscan Region.

Institutions, experts and representatives of more than 20 companies (some from Chianti Classico) who wrote the history of a slice of Tuscany, convened. After greetings from the Regional Assessor of Agriculture, Marco Remaschi  and the Assessor of Economic Development of Florence, Giovanni Bettarini, the following also intervened: Cristiano Ludovici, president of the Consortium of Prosciutto Toscano, Giuseppe Liberatore, president of the AICIG, Mauro Rosati, director general of Qualivita, Luca Sani, president of the Agricultural Commission of the Chamber of Deputies and Francesco Sirtori, professor of the department of Agriculture of the University of Florence, who presented a study of nutritional values of prosciutto from Tuscany.

The convention is part of the 10 days of initiatives organized by the consortium to celebrate the 20 years of the DOP label.


These include special tastings for fans of Fiorella Mannoia and the “Modà” in occasion of the Florentine stops on their respective tours.

There is also a series of tastings led by Eataly, including some teaching moments dedicated to younger participants.

“This anniversary”, declares Cristiano Ludovici, “is proof of the importance and durability of a tradition which passes from father to son and which has developed a set of rules. Thanks to these rules, our children can continue to produce Prosciutto Toscano DOP, making it known in the world not only as a quality food, but as a territory and a culture”.