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It will be a special, bright Christmas in the countryside of Castellina in Chianti. This year the Cecchi Winery has decided to offer a unique Christmas all the way through the Epiphany.

From December 12 on, when you pass the Via Chiantigiana that goes from Monteriggioni to Castellina in Chianti, facing the hill of the Villa Cerna, you will see a wonderful spectacle: “Luci in vigna” (Lights in the vineyard), thought up by the Cecchi family and created by the artist, Angela Nocentini, together with Community Clonwerk, La Buccia.

Fratelli Cecchi

Fratelli Cecchi

The leaves of the vineyard will come alive from dusk to night. The bunch of grapes, symbol of the harvest, will become a shining sculpture formed by another symbol of the wine culture: the “damigiana” (demijohn).

It a natural sculpture created for the place it is located; a work born from the harmony between the grape and the container. It was created in recycled blown glass, without straw.

“The winter rebirth of the vineyard through this artistic installation has a strong emotional impact. I hope that “Luci in vigna” will be a stopping point for tourists, art lovers, lovers of wine and nature,” affirms Andrea Cecchi.

“We will create a widespread installation,“ explains the artist, Angela Nocentini. “inspired by the deep tie between the land and the families that take care of it. Innovation and tradition are the words that were considered from the beginning. “Luci in vigna” is a poem written with light, stretched out between the earth and the sky, with the hillside in the background”.

locandinacecchi“It is a sign of human gratitude towards the fertility of nature“, she concludes, “and a sign of love dedicated to those who take care of that hill year after year. “Grappolo” is a natural sculpture which was created to sit at the foot of the vineyard. It inspires the dreams of the vineyard to be promise and memory during the winter rest, until the appointment with Summer when the bunches will be newly heavy with juice”.