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The Parti butcher shop, combines tradition (it is now in its second generation) with a constant search for something new and delicious. The shop covers 150 square meters of space and boasts a rich and various food offering.

Behind the shop, is the unusual kitchen and workshop, ahead of the pack in cold cut production. The shop is close to the historic center of San Donato in Poggio and has a proud staff of five, alway ready to serve with courtesy and to offer the finest meat, prepared in detail from beginning to end.

Says Emiliano Parti: “The shop was opened in 1970 by my parents, Luciana and Danilo. At the beginning, it was located where there is now a stationery shop. In 1988, it was transfered to the current, larger location. I started working there the next year, followed by my cousin Filippo and friend Elia”.

“Our philosophy is to have excellent quality meat”, he explains “We buy directly from the raisers of the most prized breeds in the world: “garronese” and Piedmont. Except for the actual breeding, we do everything else. We offer quality, professionalism and service”, he continues.

“We also count a lot on innovation. Over time, we have expanded. In addition to shop sales, we provide meat to area restaurants and export to France”.

“Our ready to cook and cooked products are prepared with mastery by Elia”, he continues “Another strong point are our cold cuts, looked over by our “norcino”, Filippo. Our prosciuttos have won first prize for two consecutive years at the Fiera del Gusto (Taste Fair)”.

“We can steam meats with our oven”, he says proudly, “and we make boiled ham, Sandonatino and mortadella, nicknamed Sandonatella, made exclusively from pork shoulder”.

“Last but not least are two exclusive products”, concludes Emiliano. “They are marinated beef and “tonno del Parti”, pork prosciutto cooked for eight or nine hours in white wine. We suggest adding olive oil and eating it with green beans”.

Noemi Bartalesi