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In Chianti there is no sea but the tragic flow of the pandemic which in the last two years has swept indiscriminately and at every latitude has made everyone feel like “umbrellas” bent by the wind, at the mercy of the most uncertain and dangerous waves.

Vincenzo Greco uses the surrealist key to tell and interpret in painting his vision of the affected human condition, devastated by the health emergency but also oriented towards hope, capable of showing resilience and getting out of the tunnel that has profoundly marked the life and experience of world community.

The metaphor that artistically returns his thought, invested with truth, poetry and imaginative trait, characterizes the exhibition “Vivere da Ombrelloni – Living like umbrellas” which the Giuliano Ghelli Museum in San Casciano, a container of art in constant dialogue between ancient and contemporary, hosts until 26 June.

A solo show dedicated to the Livorno artist and architect, in a prestigious exhibition space in the Florentine Chianti, surrounded and enveloped by the masterpieces of great masters of contemporary languages ​​such as Mario Merz, Mauro Staccioli, Perino and Vele.


Vincenzo Greco, architect and artist from Livorno, proposes a series of works centered on the theme of the pandemic.

In thirty works Greco depicts the umbrella man, subject to the most adverse weather conditions, and tells the different phases that characterize the pandemic, fixing emotions, fears, anxieties on canvas up to the gradual hope of facing and overcoming difficulties. arising from the health emergency and the return to the longed-for normality.

Vincenzo Greco, artist and architect, through his painting has tried to investigate the mixture of contrasting sensations.

Exhibition opening hours from Thursday to Sunday 10-13, 16-19. Free admission.