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Support for investments to adapt Tuscan wineries and make them more competitive.

The 9 million euro measure activated within the European funds of the “OCM Wine” is underway, which will grant contributions for the 2022/2023 wine campaign to those who want to improve the overall performance of their business, especially in terms of adaptation to demand market and the achievement of greater competitiveness.

The measure can be accessed by companies that carry out at least one of the following activities.

– The production of wine obtained from the transformation of grapes cool or of mosto of grapes of these same obtained, purchased or conferred of the soci, also to the fine of his commercialization;

– The elaboration, the refinement and / or the confezionamento of the wine conferred of the soci, and / or purchased also to the fine of his commercialization. Firms that only carry out the marketing of the supported products are excluded from the contribution.


The object of financing is the purchase of machinery, systems and equipment, including computer programs, for investments related to the processing of wine grapes, bottling, conservation and storage of wine.

And also the purchase of instrumentation, IT equipment and software for the evaluation and analysis of physical-chemical parameters of the processed products, as well as for the monitoring and improvement of the hygienic-sanitary and nutritional quality of the products themselves.

The measure applies to the entire Tuscan region and only applications for support relating to investment projects lasting one year can be financed.

There are no advances, and the payment of the contribution takes place exclusively with the final payment by October 15, 2023.


The contribution is equal to 40% of the expenditure actually incurred (excluding VAT) for investments made by micro, small or medium-sized enterprises, and is reduced to 20% if the investment is made by an intermediate company, while it drops to 19% if the investment is made by a large company, as defined by the regional council in its provision.

The minimum amount of eligible expenditure for each application is 12,500 euros, while the maximum amount is 250,000 euros.