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In these years of “intense” agriculture, the farmer’s experience assumes a romantic flavor. Duccio Fontani (who identifies as a “farmer”), is synonymous with organic production and 0 km theory.

He has been following maximum sustainability and following the pertinent rules and concepts that have been developed over the last 30 years in agriculture.

His ambitious and controversial plan to be able to live, together with his family, by growing aromatic and medicinal plants on a small-scale, turned out to be farreaching and a winner, thanks to one of the main ingredients of every professional success: passion.


After six years as a farmhand and research on farms and lands to run on his own, Duccio has been associated with Tregole since 1985.

Tregole is a lovely village, located in the south eastern part of the township of Castellina in Chianti.

It is here that he integrated his farm work with the goal of sustainability, raising donkeys and teaching in local schools, specializing in growing herbs like sage, parsley, leeks, and garlic, and other aromatics plants from the more well-known herbs like sage, rosemary, thyme and oregano to others like savory, coriander and mustard, as well as saffron and a variety of Indian basil.

Duccio dedicated a hectare of land to the growing of medicinal plants, as well as three for the growth of spontaneous plants: juniper, catmint, wild fennel and helichrysum.


Once these have been picked, dried and packaged, they make up the “Aromi da cucina del Chianti”. They are put in jars that Duccio sells for direct sales in local markets, with labels that show distinct signs of his product and life philosophy.

The label “genuino clandestino”, recalls the popular political campaign to remove organic products from bureaucratic expenses by eliminating a brand: “I gave up on an ‘oranic’ brand because it costs too much”.

“Chi si contenta gode” recalls the farmer’s deep wisdom…finding the best solution for each situation. As seen on his Facebook profile, “Azienda agricola Duccio Fontani erbe aromatiche”, he is looking for a collaborator in his daily activities: running the farm, picking and selling the crop, taking care of his beloved donkeys who provide manure during the winter.

Duccio’s call includes the value of his 30 years of experience. It is an invaluable opportunity for growth, especially for the youngest, who could learn, side by side, from one who has created quality and sustainability in agricultural production in a continuous search for harmony with nature and life style.

Cosimo Ciampoli