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The relationship between chef Matia Barciulli, technical coordinator of the restaurants of Marchesi Antinori, and extra virgin olive oil is very strong.

He was among the first to create an extra virgin ice cream. For years he has been fighting a “battle” for the enhancement of oil. In the kitchen and on the table.

To make its production sustainable through conscious and advanced consumption.

He created, for one thing, together with other “maniacs” like him, the Il Magnifico Award.

And now, in the midst of a pandemic that risks compromising even the delicate economic mechanisms of the extra virgin olive oil sector, Barciulli launches an appeal.

“We are all experiencing a difficult time – says Barciulli – as you can only imagine tourism, restaurants are on “their knees” without seeing a solution. Like many of us are in crisis, so we can do little”.

“But for a sector – he underlines with conviction – we can make a difference. The oil. Most of the producers’ tanks are full, with an extraordinary, healthy, proudly Italian oil. All this clashes with the increase in oil sales in the large distribution, which has soared. ”

“So what oil is it? – Barciulli asks – Well it comes from very far and many years ago. Many brands have Italian names, but revenues fly abroad. Yes, it is true, our oil costs more, but we need it much less and it is a cure-all. We are all counting the euros for shopping, but we are investing in a bottle of Italian oil “.

“That costs at least 12 euros – concludes Barciulli – but will give concrete help to a hard hit department, the revenues will remain in Italy and perhaps we will avoid increasing the abandonment of the olive groves. Which is so important for Italian landscaping”.