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We’ve told you here on WeChianti the story of a very special chef. His name is Patrick Botlero, nicknamed “Risotto” because of his boundless love for the Italian traditional dish.

His incredible story brought him to Montefioralle. And it’s right here, in this beautiful hamlet-castle, that globetrotter Patrick (who’s currently working in Scandinavia) left his heart.

In Montefioralle Patrick filmed the video you see here, a real declaration of love for the Chianti. A video that is most likely going to tell us the next turn of events in Risotto’s adventurous life.

We really enjoyed watching your video of Montefioralle, is there a special reason behind it?

“I wanted to show everyone the place in Italy that’s most dear to my heart. I’m working in Northern Europe, but I feel my home is in Montefioralle, so I wanted to show people in Sweden and around the world where my heart is, and where I would like to return next year, and stay forever”.

What is your relationship with the Chianti hamlet where you decided to live?

“Now I’m in Gothenburg, Sweden, where I have to stay for a few months because I’m working on my cookbook called “Den Stora Risottoresan” (“The Great Journey of Risotto”), but I miss Greve and Montefioralle so much”.

In fact, you’re planning to come and cook in Montefioralle next year. Can you tell us something about it?

“I get a lot of satisfaction out of cooking in Montefioralle, because I believe in the ‘farm-to-table’ philosophy, because I want to use ingredients from the garden, eggs from Forese, Fabbri‘s pasta, cheese from Podere Fornaci, Vittorio‘s wine and the meat from hunter Leonardo Ermini. I want to cook local dishes, grandmother’s recipes and seasonal vegetables. This is … my dream “.

Matteo Pucci