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“On the historical root of the name Chianti, there are those who argue that the name derives from the Latin “Clangor”, which literally indicated the loud noises of hunting and brutal battles, which were consumed here from the Middle Ages until the Renaissance”.

This is the premise behind the work of Dj Iaia (Gaia Cavaciocchi, from Gaiole in Chianti). The starting idea for the wonderful video that you can see above.

“So the idea of ​​this album was born – says Dj Iaia – that i have named precisely “Clangor”, since it is full of sounds that in some way reminded me of something medieval. And how could I accompany it if not with a video dedicated to some (among the infinite) spectacular views of the Chianti Classico?”.

“A job that required a lot of effort – he admits – and above all time, both for the preparation of the disc and for the preparation of the video. To find the right light in the right place (as you will see in the first seconds of video with the sunrise also in Montegrossi), and then continue day after day to film everything that, in my opinion, could be good with the sounds I had identified. And finally close the video with the sunset that appears in all its splendor among our hills. Crazy”.

“Setting everything up in these 3 and a half minutes – he says – was somewhat complicated, selecting the best images would be almost impossible. All with the indispensable help of Eleonora, my sister, who has always had (not only for this occasion ) some very original shooting ideas, and Andrea and Fabio Rossi who gave us drones from the top of our territory with the drone, to say the least incredible”.

“Now, however, the final judgment – he concludes – is up to you! I hope, with the sounds, with the images (or better if with a mix of both) to be able to excite you”.

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