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The Lamole di Lamole estate in Greve in Chianti presents a series of podcast episodes dedicated to the oldest and most famous Italian wine denomination, the Chianti Classico.

“Note di Chianti Classico” is the first podcast produced by an Italian winery. It originates from the desire to introduce Chianti Classico with its ancient tradition and unique peculiarities, using a communication tool which is quite innovative for the Italian the wine sector.

The popularity of this new media platform shows how entertainment has evolved among Italian consumers. The interest in this method of information and in-depth analysis has in fact grown considerably: the number of podcast listeners in Italy has tripled in just three years.

The project, realised in collaboration with Gummy Industries, follows a multi- voice conversation among those who live, study and love the Chianti Classico territory.

The podcasts tell stories and share inspiration, inviting the listener to discover and deepen the knowledge of a very special world, still rural, where life flows according to natural rhythms and where one of the world’s most famous and appreciated Italian wines is produced.

Chiara Giannotti – wine & spirits expert, blogger, radio and television presenter – guides the contributions of the various protagonists who take turns in the six episodes:

1) Armando Castagno – wine critic, writer and art historian, professor at the Università di Scienze Gastronomiche of Pollenzo – will share his deep knowledge of the territory, its values and long history.

2) Andrea Daldin – enologist at Lamole di Lamole – thanks to his daily and deep experience will reveal secrets and curiosities about the ancient hamlet of Lamole, talking about the vineyards to the cellar, recounting what is meant by “Uniqueness of the Chianti Classico wine”.

3) Giampaolo Gravina – wine critic and professor of ‘Estetica del Vino’ (Wine Aesthetics) at the Università di Scienze Gastronomiche of Pollenzo – will explain the relationship between wine and wine critic, place and aesthetic.

4) Walter Meccia – sommelier at Il Palagio, Michelin starred restaurant of the Four Seasons in Florence – will illustrate the relationship between wine, food and territory.

5) Filippo Bartolotta – journalist, taster, wine communicator and wine educator – will talk about wine tourism in Tuscany.

6) Silvia Camporesi – photographic author – will talk about landscape photography, while Romano Ceccatelli – professional photographer – will describe the Lamole landscape.

The first three episodes of “Note di Chianti Classico” are already available on the main digital platforms:

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