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Improving the overall competitiveness of Tuscan wineries by adjusting and strengthening their corporate structures. This is the purpose behind the regional provisions approved by the Regione Toscana, with which the regional committee will implement the legal measure of the investments in Tuscany’s wine sector.

This deed will also define the priority criteria to be applied to the requests for support, in view of the preparation of the ranking of those subjects eligible for contribution, in relation to the 2019/2020 wine year.

The provision is aimed at adapting corporate structures in order to improve the companies’ overall performance, especially in terms of adjusting to market demand.

One million Euro has been allocated for this measure, in the context of the European funds of the so-called “Ocm Vino” (Common organisation of the wine sector market). This sum could however increase during the transition phase, in those cases where the other measures of the Ocm Vino (restructuring of vineyards and promotion in non-EU markets) should prove inadequate.

“One of our primary objectives – says Marco Rematch, the regional councillor for agriculture and forests – is to increase the competitiveness of Tuscany’s wine companies, especially considering that viticulture is one of the chief sectors of the agri-food sector. Supporting all the companies active in this sector becomes a vital element to guarantee their competitiveness “.

This measure can be accessed by companies that carry out at least one of the following activities: wine production that results from the transformation of fresh grapes or from grape must produced by them, purchased or conferred by partners, also for the purpose of marketing it; the processing, refining and packaging of the wine conferred by partners, and purchased also for marketing purposes.

Companies that carry out the sole activity of marketing the products are excluded from the grant.

Investments for the purchase of barriques and wooden wine vats with a capacity of less than 500 litres are included in the grants, as well as barrel and barrique holders.

The measure applies to Tuscany’s entire regional territory and only applications for support for annual investment projects can be financed.

The grant is equal to 40% of the actual expenditure incurred (excluding VAT) for investments made by micro, small or medium companies, and is reduced to 20% if the investment is made by an intermediate company, and to 19% if the investment is made by a large company, as defined by the Giunta Regionale in its provision.

The minimum amount of eligible expenditure for each application is € 15,000 while the maximum amount is € 100,000.

Soon the implementing provisions will be available online in more detail, including the priority criteria on the basis of which the score is established for admission to the grant.