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More and more people chose Tuscany as their wedding destination. It’s not surprising, given that Tuscany is one of Italy’s most beautiful regions, that offers various attractions, from cities of art such as Florence and Pisa, to the beautiful landscapes like the Chianti, with a rich food and wine tradition.

In recent times the number of weddings in the Chianti region has vastly increased, as many foreign couples dream of coming to Italy to say “yes”.

Analysing these numbers to get a more complete picture of the situation, Tuscany is the preferred wedding destination in Italy for foreigners, with about 32%; Lombardy and Campania follow, with respectively 16% and 14%.

This figure doesn’t just refer to Florence, but also the countryside areas. And the Chianti area from this point of view is an important example.

There are many companies that specialises in organising weddings in the Chianti, like Duesudue Wedding, offering customised solutions, which take into account the rich food and wine heritage typical of these territories.

The whole of the Chianti is full of ideal locations for a wedding, from villas to historic houses. from ancient castles to beautiful farmhouses, bed and breakfasts, luxury hotels and more… .

The Chianti is one of Tuscany’s historic regions, a scenic hilly area famous all over the world for the locally produced wines. A verdant area with vast expanses of olive trees, a countryside which gives its best in autumn and spring, when nature offers a great spectacle of colours. Intense shades, bold scents and flavours that characterise the area’s typical products.

For all these different reasons the Chianti is top of the list of destinations for foreign tourists, that chose it not only for trips and excursions, but also for ceremonies and weddings.

And wedding tourism, with all the visitors who come from abroad to Italy to attend a wedding, is an important economic factor.

A high turnover from over 1.3 million incoming tourists. Well, in short Tuscany is the queen of Italy in the field of wedding tourism, the most requested especially by the British and American couples.