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A doubt always arises when an investor considers these financial products: should you be buying cryptocurrencies or is there a high risk of seeing your money disappear? The theme is delicate and must be addressed by considering its every aspect.

In recent months cryptocurrencies have undoubtedly represented a top financial product, that has rewarded many investors with high earnings. Their undeniable growth has been constant over time.

However, in the last few weeks digital currencies have had a substantial collapse in value. To cut a long story short, the second half of 2018 was very bad for cryptocurrencies: it all started with Bitcoin, the most famous of digital currencies, whose value has gone from almost 20 thousand dollars to less than 4 thousand.

A jump that has also affected the other ‘relatives’ and that has sent the market into turmoil, alarming investors. This vast groups includes the array of DIY traders who turn to online platforms when buying cryptocurrencies.

Almost all cryptocurrencies reached their peak about a year ago, at the end of 2017: since then, 12 months have been enough to create a crisis that brought alarming talk of speculative bubble. The total capitalisation of the virtual coin industry has gone from 800 billion to little more than 120: the collapse of the well-known Bitcoin and Ethereum drove the descent, along with Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple.

Obviously many investors, not wanting to cry over spilt milk, are now looking to 2019 to understand if it’s still worth focusing on cryptocurrencies. And many analysts are convinced of a recovery with the Bitcoin at the forefront.

Obviously the unclear regulation issue still weighs heavily on digital currencies.

It’s widely believed that there would only be a recovery if some institutional investors start heavily investing in these currencies. Up until now they have kept away from these products, considering them almost by-products that escape regulations.

The challenge is still open, it remains only to understand what will happen in the next few months to the world of cryptocurrencies.