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Our journey into the world of olive oil continues. The survey in which almost 350 of our readers participated, showed that the majority of people prefer non-filtered extra virgin olive oil.

So we’ve decided to ask the olive oil experts what they think of these results. Is unfiltered olive oil the correct choice?

Andrea Perini, chef of the restaurant 588, and olive oil chef of the Il Magnifico Award, gives us his opinion.

What does this survey tell us?

“These results show that there’s still a lot of disinformation about olive oil production. Over the years we’ve seen that the filtration process has proven to guarantee better quality and product conservation, but many people don’t take this fact into account”.

In your opinion what are the reasons?

“The links with tradition, and the old ways of doing things, are very strong. It’s difficult to change the minds of those who have always produced their olive oil in a certain way. For years the important parameters have been “yield” “pizzichino” (spicy), and people all believe they’re producing excellent olive oils: it’s difficult for people to change if they don’t think they need to improve!”.

Andrea Perini

What should the consumer(or the small producer) know on this subject?

“Following the traditional path is not always the best solution. It should be considered that today the new knowledge in the olive pressing sector makes significant improvements to the olive oil production process. Filtered olive oil retains its characteristics for longer, it’s more durable and therefore it’s much better for cooking”.

Matteo Pucci