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Simple. Exciting. Illuminating.

Tommaso Nuti lives in the municipality of San Casciano. By profession he is a radiologist at the Santa Maria Annunziata Hospital in Ponte a Niccheri. But one of his great, overwhelming passions, is for nature photography.

A passion that leads him to make incredible shots (below you have an example). And equally unique videos.

What you see at the top called it “Tale of a path – Nature scenes in the Chiantigi woods”. And it’s a marvel. To be shown to children in schools.

“Our hectic life – says Tommaso – often makes us forget the existence of a magical world parallel to ours that wakes up when we stop and moves when the silence returns in the countryside, when the sun makes room for the stars and then reappears coloring the dawn “.

“A world populated by fantastic beings – he says – of which we often do not even know the existence, a world where every day is a continuous struggle to survive, a world where, when I immerse myself, I find myself and those who are no longer with me, there really is this fantastic place and it is one step away from our homes”.

“I would like – concludes Tommaso – in my little way I can taste a little with this short film, shot with a small camera that has been lit for several months in a forest, filming its inhabitants”.

Thanks Tommaso. Thank you.