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Barberino Val d’Elsa is famous for its Medieval re-enactments, inspired by the ancient past of the fortifications and villages of the Valdelsa.

Here it’s the local community that has created a cultural and social project focused on craftsmanship.

Anna Brancaccio, of the Happy Days Onlus Association, has taken this project to heart, which she has created alongside with a group of citizens, all volunteers with tailoring skills and lot of passion.

They’ve set up a workshop for the production of historical clothes and accessories.

Anna Brancaccio

It’s called “Sartor Antiqua” and from today it opens its doors in Via Becattelli in Barberino, starting a fascinating journey into the history of the garments which were the symbol of social daily life, in collaboration with the Unione del Chianti Fiorentino.

This workshop is open all year round. The staff meets on Sunday afternoons to carry out research and do some sewing together, offering an important opportunity to exchange creative ideas and socialise.

The “Sartor Antiqua” atelier, set up by the volunteer community of Barberino, will make clothes using the most diverse fabrics, respecting the tradition of the different historical periods.

The periods included in the research and sartorial work range from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, paying particular attention to the historical and vintage costumes, which will also be available for theatrical productions.

“This project was born in 2009 – explains Anna Brancaccio – and promoted by the Happy Days association, that could count on the participation of friends and seamstresses of Vico, Barberino and Tavarnelle and of the Leone district of San Casciano. Today the workshop has a hundred historic costumes that to dress people as commoners, religious figures, merchants, nobles and knights, as well as numerous accessories including leggings, hats, cloaks, bags”.

Anna Brancaccio, Lucia Cavuoti, Cinzia Busnelli and Andrea Grazzi are part of the group of volunteer tailors.

“The aim of the workshop – concludes Anna Brancaccio – is to take root in the territory, not only to create the costumes for the historic parade of the Medieval festival ‘Memoriae et Historiae di Semifonte’, but as a broader cultural project, which involves the community and gives opportunity to people to develop and share each other’s ideas, energies and skills”.

The association will partner up with the Compagnia delle Terre d’Elsa.