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“Visual Communication”: photography exhibition by Mayuko Ogawa and Francesca Bardi, from 20th to 27th October al Museo di San Francesco in Greve in Chianti.

Francesca Bardi was born in Florence, studied art and became an architect. She’s been living in the Chianti region for a while, working as a photographer, writer and graphic designer.

Her passion is creating images: from the figures evoked with words to those created with her camera. Writing and photography are her means of expression: where words fail, she uses light.

Francesca’s photos capture suggestions, they’re pictures of “writing with light” that say more than a thousand words.

“H2O” is a series of photographs that observe the endless magic of water designs, and show how water is capable of expressing itself in new and different ways.

Mayuko Okawa lives and works in Japan. She got a Masters in Fine Art from the London Metropolitan University.

“Caleidoscopio” is the series of photographs that mirror the artist’s questions.

“If the artist is a translator, and he tells us what’s happening in the world here and now – she says – art is a tool for universal visual communication. But the ways each artist chooses to use his language is quite personal, and show their visions and points of view”.