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The global online marketplace Amazon has exceeded all expectations on the stock market, with record-breaking stock valuations.

This company, that has been listed on the stock exchange for years, is the second company to have reached a market valuation of one trillion dollars (after Apple): a record that is music to the ears of those who have invested on Amazon shares.

Looking at the numbers, it turns out that the shares of the company founded by Jeff Bezos, have reached the price of $ 2,050, growing by more than 70% in 2018: in the last few months they have doubled their value.

Amazon is one of the best known brands online to this day; the world’s first marketplace, a reference point for all e-commerce on the web. The market trend of the last few months has been literally extraordinary, one of the best results of the last two decades on the American stock market.

That’s why in recent months an increasing number of people have been buying Amazon shares, whose value has risen from $ 1.50 in May 1997 to over $ 1,700 today. Obviously the real gains were made by those who bought shares in the previous years, before the boom; as always, once a financial product starts a positive trend and reaches these levels, buying is no longer advantageous.

Anyone who buys Amazon shares today is looking for a safe product, and surely can’t hope to see further growth like this.
However, the market trend continues to look positive, in terms of Amazon shares’ price, and it’s difficult to imagine a sudden collapse of the company’s shares on the stock market.

Lastly, it should be noted that the rise in Amazon share acquisitions is linked to increasingly widespread online trading. The possibility of carrying out financial transactions simply using a computer – without having to turn to intermediaries – is winning over more and more people. Internet has become indispensable, even when it comes to the stock market.