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A tasting dinner with Lake Garda wines of Cà Maiol will be organised at Vitique in Greti (Greve in Chianti), on Thursday, July 19th.

At 8pm welcome aperitif; at 8.30pm the tasting dinner begins, followed by a Tour of the Santa Margherita Tenimenti Toscani winery.

Here’s the menu, with the wine pairing for each dish: Oyster tempura and cocktail sauce (Cà Maiol – Sebastian, Spumante Brut); Stuffed cuttlefish, fish soup and garlic potato chips (Cà Maiol – Molin, Lugana Dop 2016).

Durum wheat rice with saffron, liquorice and scallop (Cà Maiol – Fabio Contato, Lugana Dop 2015); Cappelletti filled with lampredotto, shellfish bisque, acqua di pomodoro and raw fish (Cà Maiol – Roseri, Valtènesi Chiaretto Dop 2017).

Piglet, melon and aubergine chutney (Cà Maiol – Negresco, Valtènesi Dop 2012); Apricot and chocolate (Cà Maiol – Soldoré, Benaco Bresciano Passito Igp).

The price is 40 euros per person: Limited seats, reservation required. Info and reservations: 0559332941,