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The Chianti Classico Dop Olive Oil of the Grevepesa Frantoio (San Casciano); the Tuscan IGP Colline di Firenze Biologico and the Pruneti Dop Chianti Classico of the Frantoio Pruneti (San Polo in Chianti); the Chianti Classico Dop Fattoria Poggio Borgoni of Il Pino (San Casciano); the Dop Chianti Classico La Ranocchiaia, of the La Ranocchiaia farm (San Casciano); the IGP and the Dop Chianti Classico Cassiano of the Talente farm (San Casciano).

These seven Chianti Classico olive oils proudly appear in the Best 42 Olive Oil Selection created by the Regione Toscana.

But there’s more: the Igp Cassiano is among the Top 5; and the Chianti Classico Dop La Ranocchiaia has been declared one of the 3 best “organic” olive oils.

These olive oils produced in the Chianti are amongst the Best 42 extra virgin olive oils in Tuscany, chosen to be the ambassadors of our region’s oil production.

The 42 olive oils were selected among the samples presented at the “Selezione regionale degli oli extravergini di oliva 2018” (Regional Selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oils 2018) promoted by the Regione Toscana, in collaboration with Promo Firenze, Azienda Speciale della Camera di Commercio di Firenze.

The international debut of the Selezione is scheduled for this month, on the occasion of the “Cibus 2018” fair – which will take place in Parma from 7th to 10th May – where the Regione Toscana will be present with its own exhibition space.