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May is the month of roses and the month when Mother’s Day is celebrated.

The custom of giving pink roses to mothers is still in vogue, even if lately “time” has become one of the most appreciated gifts.

So for all mums, and for everybody who needs a break, I recommend a relaxing bath with warm water (37 degrees) and a few drops of rose essential oil and fresh rose petals. This is a simple and cheap remedy to find calm and serenity.

Soaking in a bath for 20 minutes will be enough to remove all tensions and regain a total sense of well-being.

To enhance the benefits, after the bath spray your skin with some rose tonic water or add a few drops (2 will be sufficient) to your body moisturizing cream. A soothing and heaven-scented effect is guaranteed.

Maria Fanfani, Spa Manager Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa


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