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On Saturday 24 March, the first edition of the Chianti Trail Ultra was held in Radda in Chianti. On this cold, bright spring day more than 600 athletes took part in this pioneering race in the Chianti hills.

“The idea comes from this – says Matteo Matteuzzi, organizer of the event – The world of trail running is very active, very involving and healthy. I thought that our territory was the perfect frame for such an event and so we worked hard to organize one in Radda”.

Structured on three different routes (15, 37 and 73 km) and certified ITRA (International Trail Running Association) the race has attracted people from all parts of the world and regions of Italy.

As is the case with the 73 km winner Dani Aguirre (Spanish) or the Piedmontese Marco and Giulio who, at the end of 73 km, tired and satisfied, told us that “they were impressed by the organization and the high standard of refreshments. But above all by the beauty of the route”.

A great success then.

“Definitely – Matteo continues – and if we consider that in addition to 686 members we have had to refuse another 300 requests for registration, the numbers tell us that this event has all the right credentials to grow”.

Obviously such an event required the contribution of a great many people.

“I am very satisfied – Matteuzzi says – of the great work that we’ve been able to complete and I believe that there has been a good response from the country, and for this I want to thank, once again, everyone who has given us a hand. I think we can do even better next year and that’s why I hope for an even greater contribution from the whole territory. As soon as we’ve recovered our strength after this race, we’ll start working towards this goal “.

There was also a little local glory, with Gianmarco Bulli, originally from Radda, ranked fifth in the 15 kilometers. But first in the category.

“I am very satisfied – he tells us – both with the result and with the success of the event. Running at home feels great”.
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Emanuele Grazzini