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Since 2009, the Rigacci ’48 pastry bakery has been creating authentic masterpieces and sweet delicacies in the shape of panettone, pandoro and Easter colomba, the traditional dove-shaped cake, in their shop located in Via Pablo Picasso 14, in the outskirts of ​​Cerbaia (near San Casciano Val di Pesa).

This company, born out of the passionate dedication of the brothers Roberto and Francesco Rigacci, bears in its name a very special date, chosen by the founders to celebrate their family tradition.

1948 was in fact the year that their grandfather Renzo became a baker.

In the ’70’s, he taught the trade to his firstborn Vinicio and the younger son Andrea, who dedicated himself to the wonderful world of pastry making.

Andrea conveyed his great passion for pastry making to his eldest son Roberto, who had been willing to learn the trade since he was a child.

As well as enthusiastically learning all the traditional family recipes, he refined his knowledge thanks to the teachings of some great Italian pastry chefs, like Morandin and Zoia.

The pastry brothers, using only the freshest ingredients and putting the utmost care into preparing their creations, will delight your palate with the most delicate puff pastry, soft sponge cake, delicious creams, handmade nougat, panettone and colomba cakes of all kinds, sweet and savoury, made specially with different fillings and dressings.

Rigacci ’48 enriches its historical recipes every year, and uses top quality flours and butter, its own home-made yeast, fresh eggs and candied fruit (produced by the expert hands of the best pastry chefs).

For this coming Easter, Rigacci ’48 offers its customers many varieties of Easter colomba, some of which are brand new recipes: coffee and white chocolate colomba, “colomba clementina” with candied fruit and white chocolate, ‘Sicilia colomba’ with candied Sicilian citrus fruits (cedar, orange, lemon and clementine).

But there’s more. The Rigacci brothers will bake for you colomba cakes for every taste: pear and chocolate, wholewheat with berries, apricot and chocolate, walnut, pure dark chocolate, chocolate and orange, orange and cointreau, chocolate and rum, limoncello, classic, figs and walnuts, clementines, coffee and white chocolate.

Among the not to be missed specialties, we find the new savoury colomba cakes, “to be served – says the creator Roberto – as an aperitif before lunch, with a Parma Culatello or a burrata, and accompanied by a Franciacorta wine”.

Here are the two savoury treats for this Easter: Chianti focaccia with tomatoes, pine nuts and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, or alternatively the four cheese focaccia (with gorgonzola, leerdammer, Parmigiano Reggiano and pecorino cheese from Pienza).

Rigacci ’48 will be open on Sunday 25th March from 4pm – they’ll be waiting for you in their headquarters on the outskirts of ​​Cerbaia (the zona artigianale), in via Pablo Picasso 14, where you can taste and buy all their new specialities.

For information: tel. 055-826126 or cell 3471147645 (Francesco) and 3396700390 (Roberto). Vist their site or their Facebook page “Rigacci ’48 panettone pasticceria”.

Cosimo Ballini