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In San Casciano Val di Pesa each church has its own “presepe”, or nativity scene. Inspired by tradition, mechanical, animated, the representations of the Nativity come to life in all sacred places.

There are seven churches where you can admire the manger scenes: Argiano, Cappuccini, Clarisse, Propositura, Misericordia, Suffragio, Decimo. And the community is actively involved in celebrating the spirit of the nativity scenes.

Many events are organised in San Casciano, including musical and choral concerts. During the weekend the new animated ‘presepe’ in the Pieve di Decimo will be inaugurated – come and see it on Saturday 16th from 5.40pm, after the celebration of Holy Mass.

As per tradition, Father Massimiliano Gori will bless the Christ Child figurines that the children will bring to church. The figurines will then return to the nativity scenes set up at in their houses.

Christmas is also known as a “feast of light” because after the announcement of the angels, the shepherds saw a light enveloping them and illuminating the night.

San Casciano has its own traditional “ceppo del fuoco” feast, during which a wooden stump is lit, to celebrate peace and spiritual illumination. Decimo also celebrates the “festa del pane” on Saturday 16th, during which Don Massimiliano will bless the bread made by some bakers in San Casciano.

The arrival of the Re Magi, or Three Wise Men, will be celebrated by the people of San Casciano on the 6th of January as part of a traditional event organized by the Propositura church.

“The nativity scene of the Propositura – explains Don Massimiliano – is inspired by Neapolitan-style presepi, the one in Decimo reproduces the local parish church, while the one in Argiano is set in the Tuscan countryside”.

On Saturday evening, after the Novena prayer, the choir concert will take place in the parish church. The blessing of the Baby Jesus will be held on Sunday 17th at 11am in the Propositura.